12 de febrero de 2013

El modelo PICO

Asking a Good Question (PICO)

Asking the right question is a difficult skill to learn, yet it is fundamental to the evidence-based decision-making process. This process almost always begins with a patient question or problem. A "well-built" question should include four parts, referred to as PICO that identify the patient problem or population (P), intervention (I), comparison (C) and outcome(s) (O). 1

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This document provides instructions for using the Unix text editor Pico on the ITS Login Service (login.itd.umich.edu). These instructions may also apply to Pico on other Unix machines. Pico is a command-based text editor. Editing files with Pico is similar to composing messages in the Pine e-mail program; the commands you can use are listed at the bottom of your screen.
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