31 de diciembre de 2007

Anatomia en 3D

"The Visible Human Project" es una iniciativa del Plan de Largo Alcance de 1986 de la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina (National Library of Medicine Web externa. Se abrirá en una nueva ventana.) de EE. UU.para crear una completa representación anatómica detallada, en 3 dimensiones, del cuerpo humano de un hombre y una mujer. Actualmente el proyecto se halla en fase de recolección de imágenes transversales por TAC, IRM y criosección, de cadáveres de hombres y mujeres, con un intervalo de 1 milímetro.

  • NCI Flicker - method for comparing images from different Internet sources (see D)9. for Visible Human examples).
  • Anatomical Structure Viewer - Java applet for visualizing 3D anatomical structures extracted from the Visible Human Male Dataset.
  • Visible Human Preprocessing Toolkit for Images - open source, cross- platform alternative to accelerate pre- processing of Visible Human Project images.
  • Glyph Imaging - provides web/ network services; scientific services including 3D reconstructions from serial sections; and animation services.
  • Edewarp 3D Browser - for manipulation of 2D and 3D biomedical images and related data sructures. Developed at the University of Michigan with support from NIH grants(for SGI and Linux systems only).
  • VolView - Interactive and intuitive volume visualization software from Kitware Inc, allows researchers to quickly explore 3D medical images.
  • EIKONA3D - 3D digital image processing, analysis/ visualization and modules from Alpha Tec Ltd.
  • 3D- Doctor - 3D modelling image processing and measurement software for MRI, CT, PET, microscopy, scientific, and industrial imaging applications.
  • Surfdriver - a simple 3D reconstruction package for the PowerMac and Windows95, for rendering 3D models of anatomica structures.
  • The Visualization Toolkit - a C++ class library, and Tcl implementation based on the class library.
  • Splatter - for interactive, direct volume rendering of large data sets on Cray T3E supercomputers.
  • - eTDIPS, Vortex, Skeleton climbing, and Mutability - volume rendering, animation, surface-extraction, texture manipulation and shape changing tools from the National Institutes of Health.
  • Image FX Loaders for Windows or the Amiga, from young monkey studios.
  • PC-VolumeViewer - Windows 9x/NT DLL supporting real-time, direct volume rendering for medical imaging and multimedia software.
  • SERA - Simulation Environment for Radiotherapy - computational dosimetry and treatment planning software, primarily for neutron radiotherapy.
  • UltraVis - free software for volume rendering on PCs, provided by Hewlett-Packard Labs.
  • Software for converting RAW image files: