2 de enero de 2013

Nuevas formas de ver, nuevas formas de decir: un año nuevo para la industria farmacéutica.

New ideas are rendered ‘invisible because they are rejected in principle[...] and that is why their fleeting presence when it does occur goes unperceived’. Even for a regulated industry such as pharma, the majority of ‘limits are internal‘ as a consequence of its having ’carried its outside inside it’.
In 2013, the pharma industry needs to cultivate a newly informed gaze, and new ways of seeing require new ways of saying in order to describe them.
In 2013, the industry should challenge itself as well as its service providers not to use the language that is reached for so lazily by so many without going to the trouble of interrogating its enduring relevance or meaning.
In 2013, pharma and healthcare concerns can choose either to continue to passively endure the repetitious drone of familiar voices who have little new to contribute to its advancement, or to actively emulate and aim to exceed the softly spoken, understated achievements of peers such as Sanofi and GE Healthcare who have quietly gone about their business redefining elements of clinician education and providing examples of new ways of thinking about what patient advocacy and support might look like in online environments.